Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shoe Shopping at Neimans

I love these because they are flat boots and they have the tie that is right over the knee, I think these are amazing, even though they are simple.
These also come in black but i feel like the tan would be better to wear during the S/S, and my favorite thing about these is how they are geometric and have the sheer areas between the leather.

Dolce and Gabbana
The floral pattern on these is especially bright and I love the fact that you only catch a glimpse of it on the very thin straps of the sandals.
Miu Miu
Of course I cannot stay away from the sequins, but even better its a platform hell with multicolored sequins that are in such pretty colors.
Miu Miu
Now these might just be the coolest sandals ever, I cant imagine what they would be like to wear considering there isn't really a strap to hold your foot in the back, but they certainly are pretty to look at.
I really enjoy the details in these, especially the multiple stitchings in the platform and the snake skin bows.
Singred Morrison
These remind me of armour, and these are flat boots, a type of shoes I favor.
Tory Burch
These are reminiscent of slippers but in a dressed up way, and I really like the color of the velvet, also the monogram is a nice touch.
Yves Saint Laurent
One of my favorite colors for shoes and clothes is gray, plus braided/weaved detail of the straps at the bottom gives these shoes some interest. I also feel as though these are good to go from warmer months to colder months, since you could even wear tights with these.

So I was browsing the Neiman Marcus website and couldn't help but to pick out my favorite shoes. This are the ones I would love to own, but most likely will never, but I can wish, right?

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