Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balmain F/W 2010 Favorites

These are my favovorite looks, i loved the color palatte, the golds and blacks with some reds and purples. I especially liked the gold brocade fabrics, a really nice brocade piece can instantly dress up an outfit, I have a gold brocade military jacket that I love along with a purple brocade skirt that is great as well. As always I loved all the jackets and mini dresses at Balmain. To see the video of the fashion show go to my Tumblr, www.fashionfiles.tumblr.com to view it. All pictures are from Style.com.


Model: Karlie Kloss
All Pictures are from Paper Mode.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miu Miu F/W 2010

These are some of my favorite looks from the show. I especially liked the all black outfits, and the orange and purple. I really like the long tops that look like dresses and are worn with pants underneath, especially the one worn by Abby Lee Kershaw. The different fabrics used are very pretty as well, especially the black that has some sheen to it. But I also love how saturated the orange color is. One of my favorite details, scalloping, is also used several times in the collection, such as on the black top at the beginning and on the pockets of skirts and dresses. Best of all there was an abundance of bows throughout this collection, whether worn around the neck or adorning the clothing.

The makeup in this show was so pretty. I loved the purple and orange used, as they matched the collection. Plus, I love the natural lip and strong brows. I hope I can somehow recreate this look, maybe not using the same colors though. It may be more wearable if using a light purple and a darker one or a different combination of colors, but I really love the orange and purple together. These colors are complementary and look so right together.

In the show models had different color extensions used in their ponytails. The first picture shows a list with the models and what hair color they will have. Below is a model with the red ponytail, which was my favorite color. All pictures are from Style.com.

Newest Favorite

These are my new favorite earrings, I went through all my mom's vintage jewlry and dug these up. They are a white enamal with a gold outline. They are rather large and are definately good to wear everyday. I love that they are dogwood flowers, as dogwoods are one of my favorite trees.

On My Bookcase...

The first picture is of my glasses, a vintage cumberbund style belt, and a gold necklace that has a real rose on it. The necklace is rather unique, the flower if first "flash" frozen using a special teqnique and can then be laquered. It retains the original color of the flower and looks so pretty. In the second picture it is just my jewlry, you can actually see a second flower, but this one is a green orchid, and it can be used as a pin or pendant.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dolce and Gabanna F/W 2010

These are my favorite looks from the show, I really love the gold covered bustier top and sweater. Also, I thought the headphones were rather funny. This collection was mostly black, and the lace was so pretty. Overall, I really liked it. To view the picture larger just click on it, all photos used in this collage are from Style.com.