Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 Shoes

The sheos at Alexander McQueen are the most interesting I have seen in a while. The first thing they reminded me of was crab claws because of the odd shape of the shoes. I also like the way they came in so many different styles, like some were in snakeskin, others in leather, and my favorites are the ones covered in crystals. The last picture I have the shoes have an iridescent color and it almost looks like a bunch of little marbles are on the shoes. My only question, is how exactly do these fit, and is it possible to walk in them? They look pretty amazing but I am also not too sure how one would attempt to wear these outside the runway show and look half sane. These pictures are from, where you can view the entire collection and the details, if you get a chance do look at it, the collection is very interesting!


  1. Oh these are interesting indeed!

  2. super weird, right? No idea how one would walk in these though its clearly possible since the models did on the runway...?