Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Went Shopping!

I was so excited to purchase the Alice and Wonderland palette box by Urban Decay this weekend! You can purchase it at, it has so many great colors. I haven't used it yet but I will post a review soon.

This I purchased several weekends ago, it is a D&G garbardine bustier top. When I was at Niemans they only had one, and in my size. I just had to get it. It is perfect to wear with skirts and jeans, and it dresses up any outfit.

Lastly, this weekend I purchased this William Rast military green vest, it has a ruffle in the front and an asymetrical zipper. It looks great buttoned or unbottoned, and is perfect with jeans and khakis. Plus this is one piece I can wear in both the summer and the winter, since i can layer it with a cardigan or sweater underneath. You can purchase this at

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